On This Day in Texas South Plains Weather History

October 19th

1969: A strong tornado developed around 8 PM on the Raymon Carson farm located 4.5 miles north of Olton. Heavy damage was dealt to the house and outbuildings and many of the smaller structures were swept away. The tornado moved northeast with a path width of only around 10 yards, but still managed to blow out the north end of a barn at the Floyd Light farm. According to Mrs. Light, "When the tornado struck, it wasn't loud - it was sort of like a vacuum or like someone threw a blanket over the house". At the time, the Lights were watching TV and wouldn't have bothered to look outside at the storm had it not been for Mr. Light complaining of ear pain from a sudden pressure change. At the Carson home, windows were blown out on the north and south sides of their study room; Billy Carson received minor cuts from flying glass when storm windows were ripped off the dining room area. The roof of the Carson's home was also torn loose. Total damage from this tornado probably exceeded the $20,000 estimate.

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Event entries are comprised primarily of significant or noteworthy weather events that occurred within the NWS Lubbock forecast area. In some cases, historic events from neighboring NWS forecast offices and even a few unique astronomical events are included. Except where noted, the majority of this information was obtained from official NCDC Storm Data publications.