On This Day in Texas South Plains Weather History

October 18th

1983 (18th-20th): Record-breaking rainfall flooded Lubbock and much of the South Plains and northern Rolling Plains from the 18th through the 20th as the remnants of Hurricane Tico overspread the region. Several instances of total rainfall reaching or surpassing seven inches were commonplace, including Brownfield, Lubbock and Paducah. Lubbock and Brownfield reported the most significant damage. Flood waters in Lubbock forced the evacuation of residents in a nursing home, closed many streets, overfilled playa lakes, flooded many homes, and totaled hundreds of cars. Farm crops, especially cotton, suffered extensive damage. Much of the cotton that managed to survive an early freeze this month was a complete loss after the floodwaters. For the time, this flood went down as one of the biggest in the history of the South Plains. Combined property and crop damage/losses were reported to exceed $250M.

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Event entries are comprised primarily of significant or noteworthy weather events that occurred within the NWS Lubbock forecast area. In some cases, historic events from neighboring NWS forecast offices and even a few unique astronomical events are included. Except where noted, the majority of this information was obtained from official NCDC Storm Data publications.